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Under the Mirrored Moon


single-channel video with sound, fabric, carpet, pillows, string, yarn, paper, cardboard, papier-mâché, polymer clay, acrylic paint, gouache paint, synthetic hair, photograph, roses, twigs, mirrors and crystals.

A room with white walls and two big windows is filled with blue fabric draped across the ceilings and walls, various puppets and objects hanging from the ceiling, a video monitor mounted to the wall, and a blue carpet with shell-shaped pillows and a bench with a blue pillow.
Megan Hyde_Tasha Faye-24.JPG

Under the Mirrored Moon (2021) is a multi-sensory installation exploring the imaginative world of the video A Sea Change (2020-2021). 


Evoking elements of a child's bedroom and dreamlike underwater space, Under the Mirrored Moon creates a warm, embracing environment for visitors to engage with the video’s unfolding narrative. Scattered throughout the installation are the handmade puppets and props that feature in the video, created with everyday materials such as cardboard, paper, twigs, fabric, yarn and paint.


Puppets play a central role within both the video and installation, used as a means to imbue a connection to one’s inner child and sense of imagination, as well as to explore complex topics, such as the relationship between grief and rage, interspecies love amidst environmental devastation and the vulnerability needed to forge new ways of living and loving.

Installation views, Cool Change Contemporary, Perth/Boorloo, May 2021. 

All photographs by Tasha Faye.

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