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Elevator Music 22: Seeing Sounds

20 October to 30 December 2012

Tang Teaching Museum at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

Co-curated with Gregory Carter ’13, Self-Determined Major in Music Technology, Adrienne Fuller ’13, Self-Determined Major in Sound and Acoustics, and Anthony Holland, Associate Professor of Music, Skidmore College 

Seeing Sounds featured a new sound work created by Skidmore College Music students Gregory Carter and Adrienne Fuller in response to the accompanying exhibition Hearing Pictures.

Carter and Fuller's three-part composition utilized over 400 audio recordings created by visitors to the Hearing Pictures exhibition; a small recording station in the gallery invited visitors to record the sounds they imagined in select artworks.

Do certain images evoke common sounds? Is sound inherently more abstract than visual imagery? Does a single sound inspire a broader array of visual interpretations, as opposed to the number of sounds a picture elicits? What factors influence our coupling of images and sounds?

Artists: Gregory Carter, Adrienne Fuller

Installation view, Seeing Sounds

courtesy Tang Teaching Museum.

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