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A Spell for Love


digital c-print, mirror, wooden shelf, printed cards, papier-mâché, polymer clay, acrylic paint, synthetic hair, fabric, and acrylic gemstones 

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A Spell for Love is a magical evocation for loving ourselves that explores the synergies between artwork and spellwork.


The installation centers around a handmade puppet, the pink witch who also appears in the video A Sea Change, and features a large-scale digital photograph of myself as the puppet. The photograph references symbolism and archetypes in the Tarot, particularly imagery from the High Priestess and Empress cards in the 1909 Rider Waite Colman Smith deck.  


The installation also includes a series of small cards for audiences to take away, each printed with a different short text offered by friends and family that speak to the ways in which they try to love themselves.

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