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A World in String
The Textiles of Vincent Cherico and Betty Mason

2 May to 30 June 2012

Spring Street Gallery, Saratoga Springs, NY

A hooked rug featuring a grey and white pig on a blue background and round peach shapes across the border with the words 'Porky' across the bottom.

A World in String featured embroidery works by Providence-based artist Vincent Cherico (b. 1964) and hand-dyed and hooked rugs by Saratoga Springs-based artist Betty Mason (b. 1921). 


While both Cherico and Mason had been steadily created artwork for decades, A World in String was the first public exhibition for both artists.


Fantastical creatures and landscapes fill their work, threaded to life in textiles that are at once a celebration of the imagination and a deep understanding of their craft.

Artists: Vincent Cherico, Betty Mason

Images (top to bottom):

1. Betty Mason, Porky, c 1990, wool, dye, and linen, courtesy the artist

2. Vincent Cherico, Little Banjo, 2006, floss on canvas, courtesy the artist

3. Vincent Cherico, Squirrel with a Pearl Earring, 2011, floss on canvas, courtesy the artist

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