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Winter Peaks

9 July - 30 July 2018

Paper Mountain and City Arts Space, Perth, Australia

Co-organized with Johnny Doan, Paper Mountain Co-Director, and the following organizations: Artsource, Blue Room Theatre, Centre for Stories, Cool Change Contemporary, Paper Mountain and Propel Youth Arts 

Five people holding notepads and pens smile and look off to the left of the photograph

Winter Peaks was a month-long program of workshops and community dinners aimed at building connections across Perth's art communities and supporting the creative and professional development of artists. 

 The program was organized by the Perth-based artist-run-gallery Paper Mountain in collaboration with a number of local arts organizations from across disciplines and supported through a grant from the Western Australian Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

It featured a series of three workshops for ages 15-25 organized in collaboration with Propel Youth Arts and three workshops for all ages developed with Artsource. It also included three low-cost community dinners featuring talks by artists selected in partnership with Blue Room Theatre, Centre for Stories and Cool Change Contemporary, and catered by Moe Moe's Catering.

Images (top to bottom): 1-4 photography by Naoto Hara; 5-6 by Megan Hyde.


All courtesy of Paper Mountain.

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