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Say – Sea – Take Me!

5 February to 17 April 2011

Tang Teaching Museum at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

Co-curated with Ian Berry, Susan Rabinowitz Malloy '45 Curator

Installation view, featuring a black and white photograph, an assemblage work made from 9 small paintings with a long black structure hanging from one to the ground, a long, floor-length black textile hanging from the ceiling and two sculptures on pedestals.

Say – Sea – Take Me! brought together a selection of artworks from the Tang Museum Collection that explore ideas of the natural world as both idiosyncratic and full of mystery. 

The exhibition featured three sculptures by Lenore Tawney, Murmuring River (1968), Shrine I and Shrine II (both 1995), a 2004 painting by Andrew Mania, Yetiscape, and a 1940 photograph by Barbara Morgan featuring dancer and choreographer Martha Graham performing Letters to the World, a piece based on the life and work of poet Emily Dickinson (1860–1886).


Shadows of Dickinson resurface in the exhibition's title, which comes from a line in one of Dickinson's poem c 1860.

Installation views, Say – Sea – Take Me!

courtesy Tang Teaching Museum.

Image (top), left to right, featuring artwork by

Barbara Morgan, Lenore Tawney, Andrew Mania and Lenore Tawney

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