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Under the Mirrored Moon


Installation featuring video, audio, fabric, carpet, pillows, string, yarn, paper, cardboard, papier-mâché, polymer clay, acrylic paint, gouache paint, synthetic hair, photograph, roses, twigs, mirrors and crystals

Megan Hyde_Tasha Faye-24.JPG

Under the Mirrored Moon is a multi-sensory installation exploring the imaginative world of A Sea Change and formed from the handmade puppets, props, and materials used in the video.  

Evoking elements of a child's bedroom and imaginative underwater fort, Under the Mirrored Moon creates a tactile and tender space for visitors to engage with the video’s unfolding narrative and themes of loss, grief, childhood, magic, and imagination. 

Installation views, Under the Mirrored Moon, 2021

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