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Til Death Do Me Part

29 August 2021

Performance, approx 60 minutes

Private residence, Boorloo/Perth, Australia

Megan_Tasha Faye-27.JPG

Til Death Do Me Part was a ritual performance and marriage to myself at my home with friends as my witnesses and co-performers. 

The performance/marriage followed the story of the union of a deer and a witch – the gentle and naive and the powerful and wise. It combined elements of ritual and spell-work and featured live and recorded music, handmade costumes and talismans, participatory actions and reflections, ritualistic burning and collective singing and screaming.

Til Death Do Me Part was created with assistance from theatre-makers Michelle Hall as dramaturg and Noemie Huttner-Koros as performer .

Photograph documentation, Til Death Do Me Part, 2021

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